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Sunday, June 15, 2014

God is not silent.

I'm sitting in the waiting room for my insemination this morning... I'm the only one here! 
I turned the tv on and was headed for the news when I came across Joel Osteen on the tv.  I stopped to watch because I won't make it to church this morning... I'll have to watch the Daystar service when it is up online. 

Anyway long story short the sermon was about having faith and trusting God. The first words I heard were "believe in your blessings, believe that there is a child headed your way.  That baby you want so badly is headed your way." He spoke of Psalms 113: 
So through my struggles I must believe in my blessings and believe that I will receive my blessings because I remain faithful. The Lord made his promises and I am ready to receive! Amen!

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