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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Infertility makes me...

CRAZY!  Seriously, crazy.  I have never felt so insane in my life!  That being said, I have been put in more situations lately to make me act crazy than ever before.

Thursday was officially day 1 of my cycle, so like most months, I called the office, left a message for the nurse and waited for her to call me back.  I had never talked to the nurse who called me back this time and she was CLUELESS!  Why, tell me why, would I leave a message for you and then have to explain myself all over again?  Just to make me crazy, yes, I thought so.  I first called at 11am, she called me back at 11:30 and then said she would talk to the Dr and call me back, 12:30, 1:30, 2:30, 3:30... you get the point, she never called back.  Friday the office was closed because of the ice storm, so she didn't call me back then either.  I emailed my Dr.

Saturday, my Dr called and emailed to tell me she called the Femara into my usual pharmacy, fast forward to 2:30pm... I go to pick up the Rx and it is not there, they have no record of it being sent in by email because the system is down from the storm.  Don't you think it would send the Dr a message to let her know?  No, it doesn't, why you ask?  TO MAKE ME CRAZY.

So I call the on call service for the doctor, I get to talk to a nurse, who probably isn't nursing anymore for obvious reasons, she sucks at communicating with people.  I tell her my situation, she replies; "well that is not on my protocol orders, so there is nothing I can do for you, you need to tell Walgreens to fix the problem, it is their problem, not mine."  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  I explain that they can't do anything without an order, she continues to tell me, there is nothing she can or is willing to do, so I just have to wait.  I CAN'T WAIT.  I lost my cool with her, I said "Oh ok, instead of not getting pregnant for 11 months, I won't get pregnant for 12 months, no big deal." I hung up.

My husband urged me to call back, so I did and got a different nurse, who said she'd call the pharmacy and try to get a refill and call me back, 2:30 turns into 3:30, 4:30 no call back.  So I call back get a 3rd nurse.  This nurse finally calls the NP on call to get the Rx and says to call her back if I don't hear from the NP in 30 minutes.  I am patient, so I waited 60 minutes.  At 5:30 no call back, I am getting ready for a dinner and calling every Walgreens in a 30 mile radius to see if 1 they're open, 2 they have power and 3 their automated system is working.  I get to the 24 hour Walgreens because that is who is open after 6pm, and the pharmacist tells me she has a Rx to fill for me and that I can come get it.  WAS ANYONE GOING TO TELL ME THIS?  NO, WHY YOU ASK, TO MAKE ME CRAZY.

My doctor, who is not on call, but who you know is awesome, called me back from her personal cell phone at 6pm after she tried to call the Walgreens that she sent the order into... She called to make sure I was able to get the Femara today.  I apologized for being so crazy, then I told her her answering service sucked and that somehow, someway someone called me a Rx into Walgreens at a different location.  She said just to call her back on her cell phone if it wasn't there and wasn't ready.  So she made me a little less CRAZY, but I am still feeling like a CRAZY person.

To the NP who couldn't call me to tell me she called in the prescription for me- you make me CRAZY and you should reconsider your profession.  If you are going to be a nurse interacting with patients you need to be a kind, caring person.  You need to be selfless, if you cannot be, then get out!

In the end, I got the Rx at 9:30 tonight after the dinner we went to.  I am still CRAZY and probably always will be, at least until I get through all of this infertility crap.  But through the storm I am holding on.

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