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Saturday, March 1, 2014


We love, love, love to go to the beach.  We are very blessed and my in-laws have a place that they graciously allow us to use all the time!  We got engaged on Fripp and it has many childhood memories for my husband.  For those of you who have never visited, you should... Fripp Island, SC.  Here are some pictures of the island:

We went to a great BBQ festival benefiting the local Hospice Nurses.  I love BBQ, but I would much prefer a brisket over pork.  We tried 7-8 different pork BBQ and had ice cream.  Here are some pictures from Port Royal, SC:
The husband eating ice cream after all of the BBQ pork.

I love all of the huge old trees with spanish moss.

I did not get to go to church this week, I will watch it on the website!  I am thankful that the website sermon is available.  I did check out a broadcast church service that wasn't bad.  It was about when we feel like giving up, we need to trust in God and having the courage to keep going.  This fit right into my current life situation.  I am constantly begging and pleading with God regarding this infertility.  I needed to hear the message to keep going, especially when you feel like giving up.  I would only me giving up on myself and God would never give up on me.

Well this is the long wait to take a pregnancy test.  I could test next Monday, but I will wait at least 2 weeks longer to see if I start my cycle.  I do not want to see another big fat negative, it might just kill me.

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