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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sunday :)

Like I said last week and will say forever; I love Sundays!  Today started a little different than usual, I woke up in the guest bed.  No we didn't sleep in separate beds, one of our lovely dogs decided to pee on our bed.

This would be a huge problem, except our waterproof mattress cover was not on because it makes our bed too hot.  We have a memory foam mattress, which soaks up everything like a sponge.  Needless to say, the urine went through the quilt, flat sheet, fitted sheet and mattress cover (non-waterproof) onto the mattress.  After reading about what to do, I decided to put vinegar on the stain last night and set out to Petsmart after church in the morning to buy Nature's Miracle.

No, I wasn't paid my Nature's Miracle, but I will gladly take payment (just kidding).  The pee stain is now gone!  This miracle in a red bottle was only $7 at Petsmart because it was on sale (my lucky day)!  I am happy to have spent $7 to save $3493 for a new mattress!  If you have pets, go out and buy it this week while it is on sale at Petsmart!

Church was great this morning, we were wrapping up our series on Sexual Revolution.  This week, the pastor focused on human trafficking in the US.  It is astounding that we have such a large problem with human trafficking in this country.  Here are my notes from the very captivating service this week:

After church I headed to our favorite local donut store to pick up a dozen of delicious but terrible for you breakfast treats.  I have thoroughly enjoyed 2 donuts this morning :) oink oink!

Last night, I gave myself the Ovidrel shot at 3:30am.  I should ovulate somewhere between 24-36 hours after the shot, which will hopefully time the IUI tomorrow perfectly.  Yes, I am still stressed that I don't have a scheduled time for the procedure and that my husband has 3 cases in the afternoon!  However, 8am is less than 24 hours away so my answer is coming!

Here are my two ovulation strips from yesterday and today.  They're technically negative, since the test line is not exactly the same color as the control test.  Hopefully it will be positive tomorrow or Tuesday.

After my appointment tomorrow, I'll get to talk to the doctor again.  Hopefully she will let me know the plan if we do not succeed this month.  I really hope it is something different, even if its just a small increase on the Femara.  When I was deciding to title this blog, I picked Life, Infertility & Insanity because infertility is insanity.  Doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results.

Prayer requests:

  1. Please pray that tomorrow the IUI scheduling Gods will be with me.  That it will work out for Kevin to do his part between his office and OR cases, that I will be able to work a 1/2 day before going to the doctor. 
  2. That this IUI works.  
  3. That I will accept that this is in Gods hands, his timing and that he has a plan.  It might not be my plan, but I know he has prepared me for this struggle and season.  
  4. Pray for my doctor, that she will have a plan, be well rested and blessed.  

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